Gabrielle Scrive-Lefebvre

Gabrielle joins Blouin Tardif Architects team in 2019 as an architectural intern while still in school. She finished her master’s degree in architecture the same year at the University of Montreal. Curious and proactive, she is stimulated by the programmatic and scale diversity of the projects addressed in the firm. Her interventions place the user experience and urban integration at the center of her concerns.

“The project I collaborated on that has special meaning for me is the Municipal Service Center for the Municipality of St. Louis. This project was my first experience at the firm and it was the first one I was able to see evolve from the preliminary phases to construction. The project takes place in a building of worship stripped of its functions and left without maintenance. The rehabilitation of this building was a stimulating challenge, both in terms of programmatic insertion and technical aspects. I appreciated the award-winning perennial and sensitive approach to the design of this project. The revaluation of existing elements, the attention paid to universal accessibility in this existing context, and the use of sustainable materials meet the needs of current and future users while contributing to the richness of the project.”