Isabelle Beauchamp

Having practiced architecture in Switzerland before joining Blouin Tardif Architects, she has been active in the firm’s development since 2007. She became a partner in 2017 where she acts mainly as a project manager and designer. Aware of the impact that the privilege of designing and building represents, she aims for a perennial architectural resolution that places the user and the environment at the heart of her concerns. She systematically integrates sustainable and environmental considerations into the projects she takes on, with an eye to designing living environments today for tomorrow’s generations.

Her ability to consolidate a distinctive and innovative architecture through her concern for quality and rigor is recognized by many recurring clients. Empowered by her expertise in the realization of multi-residential, administrative and recreational projects, she masters the issues, the decision-making stages and the challenges of construction on different scales. Her motivation is contagious within the work teams she leads where she mobilizes efforts and breathes a vision of excellence.

In addition to her involvement in the firm’s mentorship efforts, she is also involved in the training of the next generation of architects through the Examination for Architects in Canada (ExAC), of which she is currently the president.