Laury-Ann Therrien

Laury-Ann joins the team of Blouin Tardif Architects in May 2022 after graduating from the University of Montreal with a Bachelor’s degree in architecture. Curious by nature, her thirst for learning about the field led her into the job market between her Bachelors and Masters degrees. During her studies, Laury-Ann was particularly interested in multidisciplinary collaborative projects between architects and engineers, as well as in buildings that use wood frames. She now seeks to apply her theoretical knowledge to projects and to develop tools that will help her improve herself throughout her career.

“The project I am particularly fond of is the Clément project, which happens to be my introductory project within the BTA team. This large-scale residential project will enliven the borough of Lasalle by offering a beautiful symbiosis between the architectural qualities and the landscaping of the site. My first challenge was to compose the layout of the triplexes, both in terms of layout and frontage. All of the homes have access to a beautiful interior courtyard which happens to be the core of the project.”