Mathieu Lechasseur

Mathieu joined the team of Blouin Tardif Architects in 2012 while still a student. He graduated from the School of Architecture of the University of Montreal in 2014. He quickly developed his skills and had a number of projects of various programs and scales to his credit when he obtained his architectural title in 2017. His ability to successfully lead an architectural project from conception to completion is based on his team leadership skills, methodology and work philosophy. Proactive and dedicated, he enjoys the complexity of the discipline and strives to achieve the synthesis between quality architecture and client satisfaction.

“The project I am particularly fond of is the SAQ Sélection/Signature. This branch project, a true landmark, was an opportunity for me to work in integrated design with a competent project team, thus ensuring an authentic realization that meets expectations. The numerous exchanges with the various experts and consultants were also formative and allowed us to reconcile the strict requirements of marketing, ergonomics and brand image with a sustainable, aesthetic and bright architecture.”