Michèle Comtois

After studying Interior Design and Architecture, Michèle started working in the field almost 7 years ago. Working for a large firm, a contractor’s office as well as another small firm, she acquired several skills in her atypical career path that allowed her to be versatile on different types of projects. Performing various tasks, from project management to developing technical details, Michèle knows how to be efficient and organized in the elaboration of her work, in order to successfully achieve each step of a project in a timely manner.

“The most outstanding project for me so far is the Promenades Terrebonne. A large-scale project including three distinct phases and buildings. It was one of the first projects I worked on at Blouin Tardif. This project is all the more interesting because it puts forward the integration of living spaces of the building in connection with the external environmental context, supporting the socialization of the residents between them and with the inhabitants of the adjacent lots. With its many limitations, challenges and particularly supportive teamwork, this is a highly stimulating project that allows me to continuously learn about new technical elements and current regulations. “