Vanessa Vallée

Vanessa obtained her Master of Architecture in 2014 from Laval University and has been a member of the Ordre des Architectes du Québec (OAQ) since 2017. She joined the Blouin Tardif Architects team as an architectural intern while still a bachelor’s student in 2011. Today, as a project manager, she stands out for her leadership, her organizational skills, and the enthusiasm she shows towards the realization of the different projects she is involved in.

“The project that has particularly marked my career to date is the administrative offices and training center built for the Plumbers, Welders and Pipefitters Association of Quebec, Local 144. This project, from the beginning of its conception, was marked by the synergy between the different professionals and the client. The integrated design process allowed the project to be taken to a whole new level. The challenge of a varied and busy program allowed me to find inventive solutions and to acquire a lot of experience in several spheres of the profession of architect and project manager. This project includes administrative offices, classrooms, welding training rooms, a hybrid wood and steel structure, an oversized skylight, a portion of the building envelope made of translucent insulated panels and 441 photovoltaic panels on the roof.  In addition, this project had to demonstrate by example, an integration of exposed mechanics in a building.”