Véronique Rivest

Véronique joined the team at Blouin Beauchamp Architectes in 2019. She is a graduate of the Master of Architecture program at Laval University. Also a graduate in architectural technology, she has since had the opportunity to work on many different projects, in all phases of building design and construction, as well as in their renovation. Versatile and efficient, Véronique advocates an integrated approach and an attention to detail that allows for the development of complete, sustainable projects that respond to their context.

Although all the projects I have worked on have been learning experiences for me, one of the most significant for me, and also one of my first in the office, is the reception pavilion of the Pointe-Taillon National Park, Touage sector. A project that, in my opinion, perfectly illustrates what the inspiration of the site and its history represents, as elements such as the railing take up the past of the boom and the log drive and are translated into an eloquent simplicity of gesture. The historicity of the site is also expressed in the development of the construction details to form the reception bridge. The site’s establishment benefits and takes advantage of the existing topography and is judiciously organized to integrate the Blueberry Bikeway, while framing the magnificent landscape of the area.