Viviane Trépanier

After graduating from Laval University with a Master’s degree in architecture, Viviane joined BTA in 2021. During her studies, she completed a profile in entrepreneurial studies where she acquired a curiosity for the construction field. This interest is brought to the forefront in her role as material library manager in the office, where she constantly seeks to gather the most appropriate and innovative products for projects. Hardworking and creative, Viviane is passionate about urban architecture that is sensitive to its environment and its users. She collaborates in the different phases of multidisciplinary projects, from sketches to technical drawings and presentation documents.

” The project that marked me the most at BTA was the Sports and Recreation Center of Montreal West. It is the first large-scale project in which I collaborated from the beginning, from the conception to the programming of the sketch, to the interior finishes and the urban design.

I am interested in the place of architecture in urban dynamics, and this project is particularly stimulating because of its communal vocation and its capacity to promote a new neighborhood pole. One of the challenges was to integrate a variety of multi-purpose spaces to meet the sports and social needs of the site, while creating an appropriable and inclusive ensemble for the community. Throughout the project, I had the chance to see how exchanges between clients and stakeholders concerning the actual needs of the users and the area have guided the project towards a sensitive architecture rooted in the community. “