Alouette Residence

“Inhabiting the treetops” summarizes the opportunity offered by this steep hillside site of Mont-Saint-Bruno.

The architectural response to cohabit with the strong topography of the site is simply stated by :

  • A 4-level tower
  • A bridge linking the top of the tower to the road
  • A large, cantilevered terrace to inhabit the landscape

Thoughtfully, the result projects us into the landscape from the living and recreational spaces. The street interface is limited to the entrances and a few breakthroughs to deliberately guide the experience towards the woodland panorama.

Inside, a central staircase is articulated around vertical white slats, a slender trunk allowing light to flow between floors. The ascent to the mezzanine, like a leaf at the end of a twig, culminates in an enveloping wood-clad workspace, an observatory nest in the treetops.