Balnea Spa

Laureate of the 2016 Grand Prix du Design | Wellness, Training and Recreation Center Award

Finalist for the 2015 Ordre des Architectes du Québec Awards

The overall view propounds several interventions spread over the entire site; a new reception area (Pavillon des arbres), the expansion of the main pavilion as well as a new relaxation area (Pavillon du lac). The overall composition aims to make the circulation more fluid on site, enhance the customers experience, divide the less compatible functions, and uncover the relaxation spaces to the surrounding nature.

The Pavillon des arbres (Tree Pavilion), a wooden prism on stilts, delicately inserts itself into the forest while acting as a pivot between the existing buildings to which it is connected by walkways. The walkways meander through the trees and widen at certain strategic points, offering users relaxation areas. The reorganized circulation allows for an intimate journey. Particular attention was paid to the conservation of the trees surrounding this intervention. The exterior walkway is reminiscent of a unifying forecourt. In addition to its reception role, this building combines a boutique, administrative offices, and a lounge area.

The main pavilion, where the reception area was previously located, was expanded to complete a modular and adjustable dining room for the restaurant. It can be converted into an event room, allowing the possibility for retreats and corporate meetings.

The Pavillon du Lac (Lake Pavilion) offers a peaceful haven for guests. It hosts a rest room, a sauna and a covered terrace protected from the unwanted view by a large haystack. A series of outdoor terraces and paths along the shoreline complete this three-season facility.

Consistent with the overall vision, the different interventions are treated in a uniform manner in terms of materiality. The continuity of the interior spaces towards the exterior reinforces the notion of permeability with the natural environment. Simple openwork wooden slats give depth to the envelope while lightening the volumes whose pavilion character is affirmed.