Mont-Saint-Hilaire Residence

This three-level residence is located on the side of Mont Saint-Hilaire in a hardwood forest. The tripartite composition of the building includes a mineral base, with exposed concrete walls and floors, on which is placed a wooden volume, covered by an imposing roof. A major challenge of the project was to highlight the natural character of the site. The openings are positioned and dimensioned so that, from the inside, the occupants do not perceive the neighboring buildings and their gaze is constantly drawn towards the surrounding forest.

The pursuit of material simplicity and uniformity is expressed throughout the entire project. The pure lines of the building are paired with the materiality that responds to the site’s character, wood for the exterior wall cladding, the ceilings and the exterior soffits, bare concrete for the foundations, and polished cement floors. The relationship with the outside environment is accentuated through the continuity of several elements from the interior to the exterior: the fireplace, the wood ceilings, and the concrete slab of the main floor becoming an outdoor terrace.