The challenge of giving a new life to a brownfield site was taken up by this high-quality real estate complex. It is a unique opportunity to redefine a site with a strategic visibility and positioning. The following elements led the development of the site: to maximize the area’ s integration to the urban fabric, to […]

Senneville’s Town Hall

The Village of Senneville remains a well-kept secret in the Montreal area. Originally developed for the tourism and resort industry, this small residential hamlet features a breathtaking location on the Lake of Two Mountains shores, which is best explored by following the emblematic Chemin Senneville. Under an impressive mature tree canopy, a built legacy of […]

SAQ Signature – de la Montagne

Stimulated by the space’s irregular geometry and the chance to design a unique expression for a government corporation’s refreshed identity, the design team decided to use light and an inspiring architectural metaphor to create novel product-discovery experiences. The concept is built around a simple organic shape – the plant cell – subtly evoking the relationship […]

Local 144 | Association Unie Administrative Center

The project’s initiative stems from the desire of the Association Unie – Local 144, a plumbers’ union, to relocate to provide its members with an innovative complex that integrates a welcoming and comfortable administrative center as well as a high-level training center. The design of the building, which aims to be both exemplary and innovative, […]

Förena Cité Thermale

She is timeless; She is inspired by history while affirming its longevity. She welcomes and guides the visitor in universes combining contrasts and discoveries. She is inspired by the landscape; She imbues us with local resources. She inspires relaxation and contemplation; She leaves plenty of room for the imagination … Surrounded by rare agricultural land […]

Camp-de-Touage Services Center

The Touage Camp “Tow” dates to the time when the mouth of the Saguenay River formed by the islands of Lac Saint Jean was used as a towing station for wood logs to redirect them to the small dumping ground. Thus, the boom, an emblematic structure formerly used for log driving and forestry operations, forms […]

Queen Alix

Located in the middle of Mile-Ex, in the Marconi district, on the corner of Alexandra Street and Alexandra Avenue, Queen Alix fits in with the diversity of this heterogeneous neighborhood. The project, inspired by this community of artists, professionals, and families, enhances the quality of urban life and turns heads with its disarming sobriety and […]

Saint-Louis Municipal Service Center

The Municipality of Saint-Louis, located in the heart of the Montérégie region, chose to recycle the dilapidated building of the Fabrique de la Paroisse. Left unmaintained and underused for several years, the vocation and constructive components of the building had reached the end of their working life. The conceptual reflections were guided by the sustainable […]

The Slate Residence

The Slate, like a painting, is in cohesion and harmony with the site, an inviting contemplation. This new residence on the shores of the Lac des Deux-Montagnes is surrounded by lush greenery. Here, each of the interior and exterior elements has been designed to follow a path that highlights the natural elements of the site. […]