Senneville Residence

The Senneville village enjoys an unbeatable location on the shores of the Lac des Deux Montagnes. Its built heritage is characterized by large manors, agricultural outbuildings, and smaller secondary residences. Therefore, the proposal of a current architecture had to be in line with a sensitive context and to be related to the built and landscaped environment.

The site is a small parcel of land stretching from Chemin de Senneville to the Lac des Deux Montagnes. The residence’s mature trees follow the same traditional layout as the large estates of Senneville, while minimizing intervention in the surrounding vegetation. The access to the property is via a pathway under the large trees, revealing a limestone volumetry cut and sculpted by wood and glass elements.

Three premises guide the design of the residence :

  • The stunning location on the shore of the Lake of Two Mountains
  • The prevalence of high-quality mature trees
  • The architectural context of the Village of Senneville characterized by noble estates.

Upon arriving, the entrance follows a ribbon of wood that guides the path. On a sole level, the whole program is spread around a central axis, a museum like circulation between transitional spaces and nature. The family room and the veranda continue the fragmentation of the stone volume by sculpting wood-covered alcoves and terraces.

An opalescent glass lantern, in double height, varies with the daylight and the seasons like a seaside lighthouse. The mineral architecture is fragmenting, and the fenestration opens completely onto the landscape, breaking the boundary between the living areas and the views of the lake.

Under the shade of the preserved trees, the veranda, the terraces, and the pool complete the conversation between the new residence and its environment.