The Slate Residence

The Slate, like a painting, is in cohesion and harmony with the site, an inviting contemplation.

This new residence on the shores of the Lac des Deux-Montagnes is surrounded by lush greenery. Here, each of the interior and exterior elements has been designed to follow a path that highlights the natural elements of the site. The architecture provides a sensory experience that enhances this exceptional setting.

Set back from the street, the generous front courtyard and mature surrounding trees ensure privacy. The simple and sleek volumetry is made of noble, timeless materials such as slate and cedar. These elements cover the exterior cladding, which conceals the garage, and flow into the interior spaces, thus enhancing spatial fluidity.

The volumes of the residence are interlaced to form a forecourt at the entrance; a transition zone between the outside world and the intimate interior. The living spaces are arranged around an atrium and a ground-level water feature, where the light penetrates the various zones as the day progresses. The simple design ensures a comfortable, bright and warm environment. The main living areas open out onto a double decked terrace incorporating a veranda and swimming pool. The breathtaking view of the lake, glimpsed throughout the various rooms, is expressed here in all its magnitude.